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Razor Renew Short


Razor Renew Short is a US Patented cow leather strop that will sharpen/hone, your razor.  You will finally get the number of shaves you should out of your expensive razor.  Razor Renew Short extends the usable life razor blades by sharpening and smoothing the blade.  Get  6 - 10 times the shaves you are getting now. 

The hair you shave is tough on your blade - it rolls the metal up dulling the blade, and your hair also creates tiny micro-burrs and scratches in the metal of the blade causing the blade to pull and scratch your skin.  The sued leather side sharpens the razor blade by rolling the metal back into place and the smooth, buffed leather side lays all the micro-burrs and scratches flat - the result is a smooth, comfortable shave over and over again.  You can expect 6 - 10 times more shaves from you expensive razor blade.    Maintains the sharpness and smoothness of knives, straight razors and scissors without taking off any metal. Razor Renew Short has a usable body of 1.5" x 6.0", full length of the entire strap is 1.5" X 15.25"and comes with a piece of Velcro that is 8" x.5". Razor Renew Short is recommended to be used with 2 - 6 blade razors that are more than $1.00 a piece.  Is not effective on the ladies razors that have bars of soap on them.  Recommended for knives/scissors with 3" blades or less.  Works with straight razors.

Razor Renew Short is used before each shave, when the blade is clean and dry.  As long as the blade is clean and dry the moisturizing strip is not an issue.  The more expensive the blade the better Razor Renew will work.